namestieRimavska Sobota is a country town and the centre of historical Gemer region, lies in the basin of the river Rimava.The first mention of the town is from the year 1270 in the list of arcbishop of Kaloca-here the name of the town is Rymoa Zumbota.Probably the most important date is 5.may.1334, when for the town were gived several rights by the king Charles Robert.We have been still celebrating this day.In years 1784-1922 was Rimavska Sobota a country town of the area Gemer-Malohont.

The number of inhabitants in 1996 reached 25436, with this number is R.S.on the 29. place in Slovakia.In the town there are many historically and architectally important buildings, memorials, churches.In the middle of the Main Square, which is one of the most beautiful in Slovakia, there is a church in Baroqe style with Classical elements.On that place standed originally a church in Gothic style.We can also find here the country hall, now it is a library named after Matej Hrebenda.There is another square, the square of Mihaly Tompa and it is interesting because of the building of Country Office from the year 1901. This building symbolises the wealth of  Gemer-Malohont region.

On the Main square there are many locals with summer terraces and we can find also many shops. Directly on the square you can find a parking place too.In Euromotel we will give you information with pleasure.

bazenNot far from Euromotel is a sport area with tennis courts, bowling, swimming pool.In this swimming pool you can apart from the 25m long pool find also one smaller for children.There is also a sauna and fitness centre with an instructor.People can use turbo solarium and massage as well.Naturally there is a snack bar too.

Kurinec-Zelena Voda an area near Rimavska Sobota.In summer it offers you:accomodation, camping, swimming (pool, lake), boat, pedalboat rental, minigolf, tennis courts, table-tennis and fishing.

kurinecThe well known holiday resort- Kurinec is a favourite place of inhabitants of Rimavska Sobota and tourists from several parts of Slovakia and the world as well.
The resort is built round the storage lake Kurinec-Zelena Voda, its surface is 22 ha .It is located 5 km from the town and is an ideal place for people who love doing sports.(minigolf russian bowling, football,voleyball,table-tennis,swimming,tennis)For the horse lovers we can offer Tauris-Pegas.

Sport – Kokava Háj


Position: On the boundary of Polana and Veporske Vrchy. The nearest town Kokava nad Rimavicou is cca 6 km far..


  • Šoltýska – 400m
  • Háj – 110m, 120m, 400m, 540m
  • Línia – 240m, 260m
  • Sihla ( 30 km od Detvy)- 200m
  • Čierny Balog ( 50 km od Detvy)- 1240 m – Medvedovo 340m
  • Hronec ( 8 km od Brezna)- 1200m – Hlobišov
  • Osrblie (biatlonový areál)- bežkovanie

The enviropment nearby is beautiful and has several interesting places for tourists.You can recive information in Tourist Centre on the  Main Square 5., Rimavska Sobota or at the reception of our motel.